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Student's housing service

Now you can focus your search with greater detail for the properties closer to your University of your choice.

How ?
You choose the university that you are interested in from the list on the left and you get presented with all available properties for renting close to that area.

The more you zoom on the map, the more properties you see.

If you want a more targeted search, you can choose more filters (such as price, size, property kind, state etc) and to add “points of interest” ( like super markets, pharmacies, metro, malls etc).

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Building ground 123 sq.m    


IRAKLIO, plot 123 sq.m., building construction coefficient 1,8, vacant, price 86.000€ (4875)

  • 86.000 €
  • 123 sq.m.
  • 699 € / sq.m.

Thursday, 12 Dec 2019

  • x 1

Building ground 2 str.    


IRAKLIO, plot 2.000 sq.m., vacant, price 120.000€ (4236)

  • 120.000 €
  • 2000 sq.m.
  • 60 € / sq.m.

Thursday, 12 Dec 2019

  • x 1

Building ground 448 sq.m    


IRAKLIO, plot 448 sq.m., in residential area, level ground, building construction coefficient 0,8,6, capable to be built, 358 sq.m. can b...

  • 115.000 €
  • 448 sq.m.
  • 257 € / sq.m.

Thursday, 12 Dec 2019

  • x 1

Building ground 5 str.    


IRAKLIO, plot 5.000 sq.m., vacant, price 105.000€ (2116)

  • 105.000 €
  • 5000 sq.m.
  • 21 € / sq.m.

Thursday, 12 Dec 2019

  • x 1

Building ground 4,05 str.    


IRAKLIO, plot 4.050 sq.m., vacant, price 65.000€ (2024)

  • 65.000 €
  • 4050 sq.m.
  • 16 € / sq.m.

Thursday, 12 Dec 2019

  • x 2

Building ground 112 sq.m    


IRAKLIO, plot 112 sq.m., with property 70 sq.m., vacant, price 55.000€ (1365)

  • 55.000 €
  • 112 sq.m.
  • 491 € / sq.m.

Thursday, 12 Dec 2019

  • x 5

Building ground 7,138 str.    


IRAKLIO, plot 7.138 sq.m., off residential area, inclining, building construction coefficient 0,02,1, front face 50 m, 2.500 m. from sea,...

  • 850.000 €
  • 7138 sq.m.
  • 119 € / sq.m.

Thursday, 12 Dec 2019

  • x 5

Building ground 1,906 str.    


IRAKLIO, plot 1.906 sq.m., in residential area, inclining, cornered, building construction coefficient 0,6,6, front face 56 m, capable to...

  • 760.000 €
  • 1906 sq.m.
  • 399 € / sq.m.

Thursday, 12 Dec 2019

  • x 1

Building ground 2,15 str.    


IRAKLIO, E.O.10 HLM Irakliou - Miron, plot 2.150 sq.m., in residential area, inclining, building construction coefficient 0,2, 18x120, fr...

  • 90.000 €
  • 2150 sq.m.
  • 42 € / sq.m.

Wednesday, 11 Dec 2019

  • x 7

Building ground 50 str.    


IRAKLIO, Pagni, plot 50.000 sq.m., off residential area, cornered, front face 274 m, conforming, capable to be built, 7.000 sq.m. can be ...

  • 11.700.000 €
  • 50000 sq.m.
  • 234 € / sq.m.

Sunday, 08 Dec 2019

  • x 4

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"GOLDEN DEAL (CHRISI EFKERIA)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), through the websites «www.xe.gr», «www.automoto.gr» and «www.property.gr», provides the service under the title "Contact professionals "(hereinafter referred to as the "Service").

By using this Service applicants may request professionals in the market (and Xrisi Efkeria associates) to help them find what they are looking for (e.g. a building, a vehicle, etc.) or to promote something they are holders/onwers of (e.g. a property, a vehicle, etc.).

The Service is provided under the following terms of Service as described in detail hereinunder, which the interested user is advised to read carefully and make use of the service only if s/he accepts them fully.

In case of disagreement the user is requested not to proceed to using the site, but to notify the Company about any possible remarks in order for them to be taken into account, always as far as possible and within the framework of good faith and the relevant trading practices.


By making use of the Service, the interested user:

  • Configures a filter that describes what interests him/her, e.g. Apartment, 100 m², 2 bedrooms, etc. The filter configuration mode varies depending on the category of ads and the xe.gr page in which the user is located. S/he enters her/his personal contact information, email and/or phone.
  • S/he enters her/his personal contact information, email and/or phone.
  • S/he enters the desired way of communication and the desired contact hours.

The Service will send a notification to the professionals who have at least one ad which meets the stated filter. Notifications are sent electronically. The number of professionals who will receive the message is variable and depends on the number of professionals who meet the stated filter.

Professionals who are interested in collaborating, will communicate with the interested user.


  • The interested user is required to declare true personal contact information.
  • By making use of the Service, a cooperation request is sent to professionals who are Company associates.
  • The number of professionals varies depending on the filter chosen by the interested user.
  • Professionals who will receive the request, will be in possession of the contact details indicated in the Service by the interested user.
  • Interested professionals will contact the interested user.


The Company conducts every possible effort, within the framework of technological control, in order for the Service to be provided trouble free and without interruption.

The Company is not liable in case for any reason whatsoever there is a failure in delivering the notifications to the professionals.

The Company is not liable for the way in which the contact details as received shall be used by the professionals.

The Company makes every effort so that the cooperating professionals respect and follow the interested users' wishes regarding the way of contact and the contact hours. The Company is not liable for the violation of the interested users' wishes. In case of excessive (or malicious or annoying) use of your details, the interested users may send an informative e-mail to the company and to askpros@xe.gr.

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