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Building ground 30 acres

1.050.000 €
Rethymno (Prefecture) > Lambi (Municipality) 35 € / sq. metre
Advertisement from GOLDEN HOME


Building ground 30 acres, in Rethymno (Prefecture) > Lambi (Municipality)

D. Lambis, plot 30.000 sq.m., inclining, building construction coefficient 0,2,1, conforming, capable to be built, 6.000 sq.m. can be built, with property, enclosure, view, A land mass of 30.000sq.m. that enjoys a sea front of 155, 64 meters and formed with a natural increase of terrain altitude towards the inner stretch of the land unit. The terrain can be divided in three areas -based on altitude- the lower part is at the shore coastline (sea level), the middle part is between the sea and the road access and the upper part is next to the main road and point of entry to the land plot. The beach is sandy and at one part it is sandy and also contains natural stones in the form of islets. This terrain is unique for tourism-related investments, as are the climate conditions that permit a 12-month operation of facilities. The distance from Alexandria (Egypt) is 358 nautical miles, while the distance from the island of Gavdos (the most southern Greek island) is 26, 1 miles (approx. 48 Km.) and only 8, 5 miles (approx. 15.7 Km.) from the uninhabited Paximadia islands.Investment Information Notice for Southern Crete Land. The plot has facilities such as fresh water supply and electricity supply. The Heraklion Airport lies at 121 Km. and the Chania Airport at 107 Km., price 1.050.000€ (252604). Golden Home

  • Area: 30000

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  2. Η Χρυσή Ευκαιρία δεν ευθύνεται στην περίπτωση που για οιονδήποτε λόγο, αποτύχει η παράδοση στον αγγελιοδότη, τού μηνύματος εκδήλωσης ενδιαφέροντος.
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